Hunter Wallace Surveys Ltd.


Please Contact us for an estimate or more information for the following common services:

Real Property Reports

-A legal document illustrating the improvements on a property, often required during real estate transactions


-Dividing one legal parcel into two or more, assistance is provided for the whole process such as rezoning applications, tentative plans, subdivision approval, legal survey, and registration 


-Visually marking the location of houses or buildings relative to the property boundaries to ensure proper setbacks and grades are adhered to during construction

Development Permit Site Plans
-Measuring and mapping all relevant site features required for City of Calgary and others Development Permits. Such as existing elevations, roof peaks, main floor elevations, building locations, street view, utility locations, and infrastructure locations. Generally this AutoCAD information is passed onto 3rd party architects or house designers to accompany the full DP application. 

Property Line Staking

-Marking the location of property lines and other interests such as utility right of ways, and easements

Construction Staking and Grading

-Marking the position and elevation as shown on engineering drawings or to allow proper drainage. Volume calculations, pile staking/cut offs/cap placing, utility staking, cuts and fills 

Line Locating

-Locating underground services such as gas, electric, cable, fiber optic, telephone, and oilfield flow lines that are not covered by Alberta One Call

Oil and Gas Surveys

-Pipelines, leases, compressor sites, batteries, access roads

Drone Mapping

-High resolution drone air photos for mapping, marketing, or planning purposes

Much More